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Микроэмоции (продолжение 1)

11009d4d8127Пока я буду делать что-то вроде «полевых» заметок. Что интересного подчеркнул в книжке — то и написал.

Признаки лжи

  • Небольшое приподнимание одного плеча
  • Легкое приподнятие одной руки с небольшим ее разворотом
  • Дрожание губ Читать дальше…

More than 50k views

blog-party-orange-410x480My blog achived the 50.000 limit of views several days ago . That does not mean, that it is a cool one, or something like that… no, it’s not true. That means just that more than 50k pages have been opened on my own life.

Sony MDR-NC6 & i-Stor IS605

Sony HeadphonesSo, I have big news today. I bought two new devices for myself. Firstly, I want to introduce my new headphones. The main diffrence in it — noise cancelling. That’s mean that you will not hear any useless sounds. That technology based on the sound’s features. I mean, that if one sample write as a wave and mix it with the same wave, but opposite… something happens.. What exactly? =) We will not here anything… That’s the answer. Читать дальше…

67% is good or not?

And that is not bad! I mean, that I have passed the METT test with this score. That was my first try =) I have decided to pass it once per day and incease my skills in this sphere. I think, I will have better one.

To the another topic… I swam 2 km at 54 minutes yesterday… That is great too! =) For example, I had 61.30 one month ago =)
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Switch to English


So, I have several news. First of all, my blog changes language and during the next several months I will write only in English. That’s it in case of my future IELTS examination. I want to use English language in a daily life to improve my skills. Читать дальше…


С первого взгляда три страшных аббревиатуры.. На самом деле три очень интересные и занимательные вещи.

FACS - Facial Action Coding System

METT — Micro Expression Training Tool

SETT — Subtle Expression Training Tool
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